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with Krystle McGilvery

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It's clear we have a money problem, but why haven't we focused on the people?Research shows that financial wellness is possible when someone believes that they are financially capable, are satisfied with their financial state, and exhibit good financial behaviours.This is where we need to start. With the people.

About the Show

The Humanising Finance Podcast is here to explore and tackle the human problems we face when it comes to our finances. It's for anyone who wants to get under the skin of money - the creative founder, the new mum, the 20-year-old just starting their working life and anyone in between.We're not here to take on the system, nor lobby the government. Instead, we're focused on empowering individuals to regain control, autonomy self-awareness, and give them the knowledge and tools they need to improve their financial decision-making.Expect episodes about financial skills, confidence, neurodivergence, pay rise and more.

Get Under the Skin

We dive deeper into the psychological factors, emotions, and beliefs that affect our money

Empower Forward Motion

Our aim is to leave you feeling positive, capable and competent, in order to take that next step

Leave 1% Better

We challenge ourselves to leave you with information that will enrich your financial and emotional intelligence

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Introducing Humanising Finance

with Krystle McGilvery


Krystle McGilvery

Humanising Finance is hosted by Krystle McGilvery, the award-winning founder of Mind Over Money, behavioural finance specialist and Chartered Accountant. She spent 15 years working in finance, education and business. She takes a psychological approach to support people to improve their decision-making. Krystle also sits on the board of two social enterprises, Maths on Toast, a family maths charity, and Abianda, supporting young women and girls affected by gangs and county lines.Connect with Krystle, below.

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